5 Most Reliable Websites with Free Quality Fonts

Inappropriate typography can completely change the appearance of a project. No matter how good the design is, if the appropriate typeface is not used, everything can go in the wrong direction.
Here are only the best 5 websites that have the largest collection of high quality fonts, nicely categorized, uncluttered, and most important, FREE.

Flat Rate VS Hourly Rate. It’s Not Just Black and White

The famous debate between the fixed rate and the hourly rate that has been for a long time and still continue to be because it is something that beside the field of activity, it is also based on personal preferences or at least that’s the general perception. Although in the field of graphic design things are not exactly just black and white.

8 Best Websites with High Quality Free Stock Photos

A well-chosen photo placed in the right place can do as much as a thousand words, but finding the right photo can be a challenge. Here are the best 8 stock websites with the largest number of high quality photos that are completely free under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, simple to use, uncluttered and nicely arranged by tags or categories.

Why Today’s Graphic Design Means More Than Just Pretty Things

We live in a visual society that is in a continuous change and in which to success the visual perception plays an essential role. We already know that it’s not enough to have a great product or service without the proper presentation. Graphic design has always been and continues to be an excellent form of communication and like many other things it evolved, so is the “graphic design” term still enough?

19 Of The Most Controversial Logos

Here are some of the most controversial logos that, involuntarily or not, suggests a different message than the one it should be. Although, a professionally designed logo is a very important step that can bring tremendous value to any company, it is hard to understand how some have been approved.